We utilize the .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio for many clients. We develop in C#, VB.NET, F# and related technologies. Our processes and development environment falls around our use of Visual Studio for our code.


We build with PHP and various PHP based Frameworks. We use mainly eclipse and atom for development.


SQL Server is our main development platform, which includes all versions from 2008, to 2014, as well as Profiler, Replication, transactions and Reporting. MySQL is the database we tend to use for all PHP developments.

Websites and Device Applications

Hybrid Applications

We follow the W3C and various specifications very religiously. We know that the W3C shapes the web and we want to be a part of that vision. Our favourite technologies include: Grid, Canvas, WebAssembly and we even started our own W3C Community group for our own DataSheets Language.

DataSheets Community Group

Quick Facts

DataSheets is a specification for a new browser language similar to CSS in it’s design. In the same way that CSS provided us a means of separating style from markup and data, we foresee massive advantages of separated the data from the HTML.

Try iignition

Iignition is a small light-weight JavaScript library we created for our younger developers to learn JavaScript.
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