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Custom Software-as-a-Service

Our Custom Software-as-a-Service platform allows us to create cloud software applications and platforms in record time. Code-named Atlantis, the software comes with plugin architecture, data layers, reporting, email, event triggers and much more. We have designed our components to be versatile, reusable and highly maintainable solutions to enable Rapid Application Development (RAD).
Our software-as-a-service model is also mirrored in our pricing and development costs. Software can be expensive to develop and maintain. See our CSaaS packages.
Atlantis is a suite of back-end and front-end components providing a framework for application development. Atlantis provides user management, security, sign on, auditing, plugin-architecture and a lot more. The architecture has been designed to work either within Visual Studio, where Nuget packages are installed and configured, or Nuget packages are installed within the application as plugins to the system.
The Data Framework was first developed in 2004, and has incrementally been upgraded and enhanced. Data provides a transactional object graph, complete with lazy load, table aliasing, data mapping and other ORM tools. Data has been designed with the hybrid SOA/OO architecture that inhabits most modern systems. DataObjects support object inheritance and object composition with one to many, or many to many database relationships.

integrated plugins

Engage CRM
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  • LiveChat
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  • Notifications
  • WebSockets
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  • Bulk Email

Platform Tools

Our email queue and sender, monitors and sends emails on behalf of the systems. Iris queues emails and delivers bulk emails per hour as configured. Intelligent queues with priority messages are placed on top of the queue.
Lighthouse runs on the server and ensures services, schedulers, jobs and other tools are running like they should. Lighthouse sends activity logs to administrators and product owners as to the current activity on each server.
Automatic and scheduled backups for all our databases, backup is highly configurable and easy to use. Our backups are configurable and can be configured to work with your custom storage infrastructure or 3rd party storage API.
Crab crawls our compiled code after builds are complete, looking for errors, dependency issues, versioning and runs unit tests to ensure the integrity of our builds. Crab can run alone or part of our Continuous Integration tools.
Wave is an internal source-code monitoring system, which provides easy access to our source control systems and folders. Wave also informs developers when a check in has occurred, by who and the revisions that were committed to repos.
Weir is our continuous integration tool, that builds and deploys compiled versions to staging environments. Weir is a highly configurable build manager that is used internally by our developers and devops engineers.

Components and Libraries