The railway tracks have been laid

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Today we make history. Lucid Ocean has been developing a software solution for a client, and its an evolution of a revolution in the property industry. The client is clicktopurchase(r) and the solution sits on which allows agents, sellers, buyers and solicitors a platform for interacting and coordinating a digital property sale. A Property […]

Lucid Ocean partners with the MultiChain Blockchain Platform

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When observing the blockchain ecosystem, the landscape is filled with dreams, startups and fantastical ideas. However, increasingly the offerings are real solutions to real problems. Amidst all the hype, complexity, misunderstandings or overzealous uptake, lies a core fundamental technology that is empowering and capable. BlockChain, is an immutable distributed ledger and is a here and […]

Effective Approach to Pragmatism in Software Design

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Effective Approach to Pragmatism in Software Design “You can ignore Design, but it won’t ignore you.” Designing an object-oriented or a service-oriented architecture for a domain (horizontal or vertical), requires a wide range of talents. Design is one of those activities where most believe they can design, Crudely paraphrasing Richard Feynman, “If you think you […]

Technology choices and Project Consequences

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This article is aimed at those we have custom software built for them or intend to and look to understand the technology choices. Developers get to experience hundreds of technologies. Technologies come and go, get popular, fall back to oblivion or hang around without merit. A developer must not only learn technologies to stay current, […]