Lucid Ocean partners with the MultiChain Blockchain Platform

When observing the blockchain ecosystem, the landscape is filled with dreams, startups and fantastical ideas. However, increasingly the offerings are real solutions to real problems. Amidst all the hype, complexity, misunderstandings or overzealous uptake, lies a core fundamental technology that is empowering and capable.

BlockChain, is an immutable distributed ledger and is a here and now technology that will continue to impact us, debatably more so than the internet already has. BlockChain is set to become ubiquitous and we believe that within its growth we are now entering the ascent phase as the growing pains show signs of fading. (sic)

That is why we haved partnered with MultiChain which provides an Open platform that can facilitate a private blockchain with permissions, to aid us in providing our clients and partners with a blockchain edition that can suit their business whether it requires closed, open or hybrid ecosystems. We want to provide the blockchain where it counts, pragmatically where it is needed and where the most benefits can be reaped. BlockChain is not a solution to all problems, but its an important one to consider.

The MultiChain Partner Program

MultiChain established the Partner Program in October 2016 and Lucid Ocean is proud to now be part of it.

“MultiChain shows what pragmatism looks like. The BlockChain is of course distributed, immutable, but its a tool. MultiChain is enabling companies to make use of that tool in ways that suit them. Not everyone wants a completely public ecosystem, and now with MultiChain we can provide the power of blockchain to suit our clients.” – Jonathan, CEO and Founder of Lucid Ocean

Lucid Ocean expanding CSaaS to blockchain

Lucid Ocean’s flagship components named Atlantis, is a custom client platform for software-as-a-service applications. Atlantis provides authentication, permission models, auditing and transactional data models. Atlantis is now set to include blockchain messaging, partnered contracts and auditing transactions to provide our client’s with even more power.

These advanced features will allow us to provide our clients with even more accountability and transparency.

About Coin Sciences

Coin Sciences Ltd develops the MultiChain blockchain platform. MultiChain has been designed to be highly compatible with BitCoin and offers permissions, round-robin mining, custom assets and data streams. The MultiChain project is an open source initiative run by Dr Gideon Greenspan and Coin Sciences.

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